Venezuelan Mail Order Brides – How Much Does It Cost To Marry One Of Them?

In 2019, 288 Venezuelans left their homeland for a family life with US spouses. That’s a lot for this country, actually. Most of the applicants were so-called Venezuelan brides. But why are they popular in the United States? How much do men pay to get a Venezuelan wife? We’ll answer all these questions in this guide. We’ve also carefully reviewed and compared all the most reputable international dating websites with Venezuelan beauties, so check them out, too.

Top Sites To Meet Venezuelan Brides Or Date Women In 2024

Why choose Venezuelan women for marriage?

Venezuelan mail order brides are incredibly popular in Western countries. A lot of men dream of finding a girlfriend or even a wife in this country, but why? What makes them so special? Here are some of the most important reasons.

venezuelan mail order bride in water
  1. A Venezuelan bride is a spontaneous, emotional, and passionate extrovert. A lot of men believe this is a big benefit – after all, it is much easier to start a relationship with a woman who expresses her emotions, say those words of love, too, and always remains optimistic.
  2. If you want to be happy, marry your best friend. People marry each other only because they feel that passion and then wonder why it didn’t work. Happy couples usually note that their secret is in mutual respect, ability to listen to each other, and more importantly, desire to share thoughts and plans with a partner. And it’s really easier to find a woman who will also be your best friend in Venezuela.
  3. They love to feel beautiful. These girls are naturally gorgeous, but they also work hard to become better versions of themselves.

A lot of other things can be said about these Venezuelan mail order brides, and if we sum them up, we’ll just conclude that they are attractive, family-minded, optimistic women who also don’t mind finding a decent man abroad.

How much do Venezuelan brides to mail order cost?

So, how much does a man pay for a Venezuelan mail order wife? It’s very important to note that the term “cost” in this case doesn’t refer to the cost of a wife herself but the cost of dating services, as well as travel expenses.

As for dating services, international platforms have different billing policies. So, the amount you will spend depends on the site you choose. The average price of 1-month membership or credits (enough to interact with a few ladies during a month) is about $100 (there are cheaper sites where you can spend $20, and high-end platforms where you can spend much more than $100). So, if we take an average cost and assume that you will find your girlfriend within a year, you are likely to spend $1,200 on dating.

You will also need to see your future wife in person at least a few times. Let’s suppose that you come to Venezuela twice. The average cost of a trip is about $2,000 (for one week). Hence, you will spend about $4,000 on your meetings total. The total price of dating, in this case, is about $5,200.