Indian Mail Order Brides: Why Marry An Indian Woman?

We’ll talk about the reasons why an Indian wife is a great choice, as well as about the costs of dating services, provided by dating agencies and online dating platforms. We should also emphasize that men can meet Indian brides only on safe and reputable websites, the best of which can be found here.

Top Sites To Meet Indian Brides Or Date Women In 2024

In 2019, 789 Indians migrated to the US to marry American citizens. It’s a lot—larger numbers of immigrants married to Americans come only from China and the Philippines.

Simply put, India is in the third place when it comes to Asian marriage migration. How can this be? Well, most of those newcomers are Indian mail order brides. As you probably guess, this is what we’re going to discuss in this guide.

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Why choose Indian brides?

So, let’s start with the things that make men look for an Indian bride. Why don’t they just look for someone in their own city or at least country? The reason is simple: it is just much easier to find a woman who meets their criteria abroad. But what are these criteria? What makes Indian women for marriage special? Here are the answers.

  • They are living somewhere between modernity and tradition. A lot of men would like to meet a woman who’d have modern views on some things, but still respect some old traditions. They should meet Indian mail order brides. They care about career, they are well-educated, and even a bit westernized, but a lot of them also believe that marriage, children, and a happy family are the most important things in the life of every person.
  • An Indian mail order wife is patient and non-confrontational. Another important thing to mention is their ability to listen to another person and avoid conflicts. They really respect other people’s opinions and are pretty calm. Men appreciate this a lot – after all, family life with such a person is usually much happier.
  • Indian girls for marriage are incredibly beautiful. Did you see pics of Aishwarya Rai? If you did, you definitely know how attractive women in India look like.

This is more than enough for a lot of men to take a big step and start to look for an Indian girlfriend. But how much do they pay for that?

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How much does an Indian mail order bride cost?

First, let’s clarify one important thing: there are no agencies, companies, or websites that would sell brides. However, there are platforms that provide dating services, i.e, connect you with Indian wives looking for a husband abroad. The cost of such services varies greatly, and the average price is about $80-$100 per month. Hence, if it takes about 12 months to find your future bride, you will pay about $1000 for dating.

However, you will also need to meet Indian brides in person, at least a few times. Hence, you will need to come to India (that’s much easier and much cheaper than taking her to the US). Of course, the total cost depends largely on your preferences and location.

And again, let’s take a look at the average cost. If you take two 2-week trips to India, you are likely to spend about $5,000 (accommodation, food are cheap in India, but flights to this country are much more expensive). Hence, the average price of an Indian mail order bride is about $5,000-$6,000.