Ecuadorian Mail Order Brides: Can You Be Happy With Her?

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Top Sites To Meet Ecuador Brides Or Date Women In 2024

In 2019, 264 Ecuadorian women for marriage migrated to the US as foreign fiances. Most of them were Ecuadorian mail order brides reuniting with their American husbands. Who are these women? Why did over 250 men think they would make great wives? Did they pay for brides and how much did it cost? We’re going to discuss this here.

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Why choose Ecuadorian brides?

Let us start with the things that make men sign up for the international dating platform, come to Ecuador and then take local women to the US or another western country and marry them. In fact, the reasons are pretty simple.

“Ecuador ama la vida”—Ecuadorians love life

If you google Ecuador, you will see white-sand beaches, bananas, blue ocean, and smiling people. That’s what characterizes this country. In such a beautiful and generous land, people are incredibly optimistic, happy, and friendly, in spite of all difficulties they face. Marrying an Ecuadorian wife has nothing to do with getting a grumpy, pessimistic partner — men choose them because their smiles make every day a bit brighter.

Material values are not so important as spiritual ones

Family, friendship, motherhood, support, love, all these things are far more important to a typical Ecuadorian mail order wife than Cartier, luxury purses, and vacations in the Maldives. Even men who can afford the above-mentioned things note that it is good to have a wife who’d stay with you if you don’t earn millions of dollars.

Natural beauty is the best

Local girls are curvy, have tanned skin, amazing hair, and beautiful facial features. Of course, men like that, too. Ecuadorian mail order brides usually don’t care a lot about clothes, but most of them look absolutely gorgeous even in hoodies and jeans (contrary to popular belief, the weather is not always sunny in Ecuador, so yes, that’s what they often wear).

How much does an Ecuadorian bride cost?

So, how much do men usually pay for an Ecuadorian mail order bride? Generally speaking, it depends. They don’t pay for a girl herself, of course. The cost comes up from the price of dating services (membership plan or credits) provided by a dating website and travel expenses (you need to meet your bride at least a few times before she will be able to apply for a 1-K visa as your fiance).

So, if you choose a mid-price but high-quality site, you are likely to spend about $1000 for a year of interaction with Ecuador brides. Let us assume that you have already met a perfect girl and started to date her online. Then you decide to come to Ecuador and do it twice before you take her to the US. If you are not too demanding, you are likely to spend about $1,200 for a 2-week trip. Hence, the total amount that you are likely to spend on dating is about $3,400-$4,000.