Polish Mail Order Brides — Your Surest Way To Happiness

According to statistics, in 2019, 135 Poles migrated to the US as foreign fiances. Most of them were women. Men still can find single and attractive Polish brides on the international marriage market, and we believe this number will keep growing. Why do men choose Polish women for marriage? Do they pay for that? You will find the answers here. On top of that, in this guide, you can also find the list of the best-ranked international dating websites that have many great brides from Poland, so check them out.

Top Sites To Meet Polish Brides Or Date Women In 2024

Why choose Polish brides?

So, why do many single men want to find Polish mail order brides? Here are the answers.

polish bride on beach

They still want to get married and start a family

Marriage is not considered an outdated institution in Poland. Though this is a fast developing country that is definitely more western than easter now, most Polish women still believe that family and motherhood are some of the most important things in life of every woman. Simply put, they are motivated to get married, and the truth is they love the idea of finding an educated and successful western man who would fully accept their values.

They know how to reconcile work and family life

Polish brides are well-educated. A lot of them have good careers. As we have noted above, most of them still want to have a family. The thing is being a busy mom is normal in Poland. No, we are not talking about hiring 2 nannies and 1 maid and not being home 20 hours a day – we mean, ladies in this country are wonder women – they really can reconcile work, they care about children and their education a lot and they still can remain great performers at work.

Beautiful as all Slavic girls

Well, we’re not going to deny that this is another important point on the list. And again, Polish mail order brides are more westernized, they accept their natural beauty and wear comfortable clothes and not high heels and short skirts, but they don’t even need it – if you just walk down the street in Warsaw or another Polish city, you are likely to meet a few very, very beautiful women. These girls are happy with what nature gives them, and no wonder!

How much does a Polish mail order wife cost?

Can a man buy a Polish wife online? No, he can’t, because first of all, it is illegal, and secondly, it would be pretty difficult to find a woman who’d want to sell herself to a foreigner in Poland. If so, what does a man pay for? The answer is simple: dating services and trips to her country. The costs actually depend on tons of factors from the site you choose to the hotel you stay in, but we’ll provide the average prices. So, the average cost (for 1 year) of dating services is about $1,000-$1200, and the cost of two trips (2-week) to Poland is about $3,000-$4,000. Hence, you are likely to spend $4,000-$5,5000 total.