Czech Mail Order Brides: Will She Be A Good Wife?

We chose the best dating platforms that have many Czech brides, so if you are going to find a wife in this country, check them out.

Top Sites To Meet Czech Brides Or Date Women In 2024

In 2019, about 50 people applied for a K-1 visa to move to the US as US citizens’ fiancees. Most of them were women, and most of these women, in turn, were Czech girls for marriage. This is not the largest number for Eastern Europe, but it is expected to grow because more and more Western men want to find a woman in a society that is somewhere in between modernity and traditions. They will meet their Czech mail order brides on good international dating sites (currently, it’s the easiest and the safest way to find a wife in the Czech Republic).

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Why choose Czech women for marriage?

Why look for a wife in such a faraway country? Why not look for a perfect match in your own country? Men who have already met their perfect Czech mail order wife mention a few main reasons to do so. The thing is girls in this country are:

  • Open-minded. This is probably the best reason to marry a Czech bride for men looking for a wife who’d assimilated to western society as fast as possible. The thing is, unlike many other post-Soviet countries, the Czech Republic is less conservative. There, women still respect old family and social values, but at the same time, they are definitely more open-minded, freer, believe that self-respect and respect to others (including a husband, of course) are the key to happiness.
  • Well-educated and hard-working. Good education is one of the top priorities of the majority of Czech mail order wives. Moreover, they are not used to relying on men only – they build careers but most of them still want to get married and have children, which means that a man can get a confident and smart companion and a loving mother and wife.
  • As hot as other Slavic women. Yes, Czech mail order brides are Slavic, and they have those beautiful facial features. They go to the gym and care of themselves and their natural beauty, but unlike many neighbors from other Eastern European countries, they are not obsessed with their looks.

No wonder so many men look for Czech brides—this is a fast and easy way to meet a decent companion, a hot woman, and a future mother of your children. But is this for free? Let’s find out.

How much does a Czech mail order bride cost?

Can a man buy a Czech wife? No, he can’t. Does it mean that he can meet her for free? Well, it’s not exactly true. First, he will need to pay for dating services (the price largely depends on the dating platform he chooses) and for the trips. The average price of 1-year membership on a mid-price website costs about $1,000-$1,500. Two 2-week trips to the Czech (note that you won’t be able to marry a girl in the US if you have never met her in person) will cost you about $4,000. So, you are likely to pay $4,000-$5,000 “for a bride”.