Who Are Mexican Mail Order Brides? All You Should Know

Who are these women? Are mail order brides from Mexico for sale? How do men find them? Let us answer the last question right now—there’s only one way to find Mexican brides without leaving the US. It’s possible only if you use a legit high-quality international dating platform/ like the ones in this selection of top websites for finding a Mexican wife.

Top Sites To Meet Mexican Brides Or Date Women In 2024

According to statistics, in 2019, 1,676 Mexican mail order brides applied for a K-1 visa, which is also known as a marriage visa. This is a very, very large number, especially compared to other North American countries. And this number keeps growing.

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Why choose Mexican women for marriage?

Why is there such excitement for Mexican wives? What makes them so special?

Men who have already dated or married ladies from Mexico note that they are:

  1. Very family-minded. We could start with the description of their bodies or facial features, but the thing is beauty is not the most important thing that attracts men. They see how Mexican girls treat their relatives, and they expect them to love their own family, husband as kids, as much as they love their parents. And their expectations are usually realized.
  2. Sensible and confident. Some people think that strong men are sexy and usually describe a sexy woman as someone very soft, unconfident, a bit flirty, and always seeking men’s help. However, men who have met Mexican women note that their confidence and inner strength are some of the sexiest things ever.
  3. Emotional and passionate. Don’t want your life with a new bride to be boring and emotionless. Then marry a Mexican bride – she is likely to be emotional in a very good way.
  4. Adventurous. And again, Mexican girls for marriage are very spontaneous and at the same time confident. They know how to risk, and paradoxically, they usually benefit from it.
  5. Very sexy. This has nothing to do with Latina hypersexualization. We just want to say that Mexican mail order brides are not only beautiful, but also have that charm that makes them irresistible.

Put it all together, and you will find out who a Mexican mail order wife is.

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How much does a Mexican mail order bride cost?

Well, that is an important question to clarify. First, let us talk about the term itself. It doesn’t mean that you can buy a single woman in Mexico – it means that you will need to pay for dating services and trips, and this is just the total amount. Second, it can vary greatly.

The cost of a dating service depends on the provider you choose. The cost of membership and/or credits may vary from $20 to $300 per month. So, the average cost is about $100. If you spend a year on the site before you start a “real” relationship with one of the members, you are likely to spend $1,000-$1,500.

As for travel expenses, a lot depends on you. After all, it’s you who decides to live in a 3-star or a 5-star hotel or travel in first class. Still, let us assume that you meet your bride twice and stay in Mexico for about 2 weeks.

2 trips will cost you about $1,500 each, so you will spend about $3,000 total. If we add the cost of the membership plan/credits, we’ll find out that the average “bride cost” is about $4,000-$5,000.

How to meet Mexican brides?

The simplest and the fastest way to meet Mexican mail order wives is to choose the right site. We recommend analyzing every possible option carefully, paying most attention to the billing policy, free and premium features, number of members who meet your criteria, support, and the quality of profiles.

You can also find a few really great Mexican dating sites on this website.


Do you think that a Mexican bride can make you happy? If you do, why not give it a try? After all, there are thousands of singles in Mexico, and a lot of them don’t mind dating or marrying a foreigner.